Starting a small business is exciting, but also a little daunting. You’re great at what you do, and ready to put your talents to work in your own business, but tax law and legal structure setups may not necessarily be part of your skill set.

Accountants are the traditional suppliers of business setups. However small business budgets are usually tight when starting out, and accountants can be expensive. Many new business owners are reluctant to ask too many questions when they’re being charged by the hour, and instead find themselves struggling through alone.

What We Do

SmallBizLaunchPad seeks to create a more affordable and transparent alternative.

We provide professional business setups together with helpful guidance and quality advice. Through our online business model we can do all this and still provide great value for budget conscious new startups.


We know peace of mind is important. Your business setup and ATO registrations are overseen by a Melbourne based CPA accountant. All of our guidance and advice is drawn from years of experience in an accounting firm serving small businesses just like yours. Legal documentation for company and trust setups is prepared by Castle Corporate, also based in Melbourne. Have confidence knowing all of our services are backed by registered and trusted professionals.

Our ultimate goal is to be the online go-to for new small businesses across Australia, and to make launching and succeeding in business more achievable than ever.

Who We Are


SmallBizLaunchPad is a small business too. It’s the dream of Melbourne CPA accountant Jess.

Her career began in a local accounting firm, helping local small businesses start up, grow and succeed. She saw that many small business owners were hesitant to take the first step because the cost and complexity seemed just too daunting. Others did their best to start up on their own, but found the legal jargon and hoop-jumping overwhelming. Jess’ goal was to provide entrepreneurs with an affordable and transparent solution, that still gave them the the advice, guidance and support they needed to succeed. SmallBizLaunchPad now helps startups across Australia find success and freedom in running their own businesses.